Saturday, February 26, 2011

(Baby shower: Round 2)

Jamie is right, these babies will be here in no time. We had our shower in Oakland today and now our apartment is cluttered with boxes full of baby stuff, and our dresser drawers hold tiny piles of baby clothes that need to be washed. We started our search for a pediatrician on Thursday, we're having the car seat installed this week, and the crib is set up. My belly is huge and random strangers' unwelcome comments about my size are even starting to get under Joe's skin. I watched a super graphic childbirth video online the other day and I almost puked up my breakfast. I had a dream that my water broke and I woke up a little freaked out. I don't feel ready... but I guess that doesn't really matter.


  1. love this photo! you have such great style.

  2. I remember feeling really freaked out by childbirth videos before I had the boys. But if it helps at all, now that I've gone through it, I think they're awesome :)

    I think nature makes the last few weeks of pregnancy so uncomfortable that we're just dying to give birth and stop caring whether we feel ready or not ;)

    Sorry random strangers are being such dumbasses to you. I will never understand what is wrong with people. I think most people mean well and are just making lame attempts at starting conversation. boo.

  3. You know what childbirth's saving grace is? YOU CAN'T SEE WHAT'S HAPPENING. I've watched videos since and thought 'huh. It looks so much worse than it was.'

    also, people are arseholes. but you knew that.

  4. Great photo! And Cara is right, it's much better when it's your turn, because you don't get a visual.

    You'll be ready. You'll even be amazing.