Monday, February 28, 2011

(Little me)

(Little Joe with his papa)

Joe: I had a dream last night that our baby had blonde hair and blue eyes.
Me: Not possible.

Well, maybe it's kind of possible. Fair hair and light eyes are present in my family, and one of my cousins and his girlfriend (both with dark hair/eyes) had a baby girl with light golden brown locks and the brightest blue eyes... so I guess, stranger things have happened? It truly seems that the chances of something like that happening are so rare, that I don't see them happening to our baby. Genetics are weird. Like most new parents, we often wonder who our little one will take after. When it comes to me, my mom won in the height department but pretty much NOTHING else; I am almost a literal replica of my dad. I would say Joe is a good combination of both his parents. Maybe our baby will resemble both of us too. But, what exactly would a Joe and me combo make? It baffles my mind. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.


  1. It's so fun to watch it develop over time. My kids don't look hugely like either my husband or I. But then there are moments where my boys get a certain look on their face and all the sudden I'm like "Oh my goodness, there's Jon!"

    Whereas one of my brother's sons has looked just like my brother from day one. Whenever I see a picture of my nephew it is like looking in an old family album.

  2. my husband had blonde hair until he was two I think. both his parents have dark brown hair, yet his sister is a true bleach blonde. so yes... I guess stranger things do happen!!

    p.s. I had a dream our little man had blonde hair and blue eyes too!!

  3. Oh my, you both look so cute!!
    I'd say that 75% of all Danish kids have blond hair until they're 2-5 years old where some of them gets darker hair. So to me a brown hair/eyes baby is a little special :-)

  4. My father, toned a deep copper from his Cherokee descent, has black hair and hazel eyes. My mother, Irish and Black Dutch, has brown hair and brown eyes.
    They had two sons and a daughter (myself). We all have the fairest, most tenderly freckled skin and one brother and I share very light blonde hair and clear blue eyes.
    Anything is possible, I guess!

  5. We had so many conversations about what bits of who the girls might have but not once did I say to Nye 'I bet Amelia will have your dad's eyebrows.'