Saturday, February 26, 2011

33 weeks!

I like counting backwards at this point. 7 MORE WEEKS. That is like, nothing.

A few weeks ago I made an epic, color coded excel spreadsheet to do list (organized by nature of task, deadline, and whose responsibility the task is) (yes I am a huge dork, who had a few spare minutes at work one day).

There was a lot on the list, but instead of stressing me out I feel relieved to have it all down on paper, no longer simply floating around in my head. And, we have made some serious progress on it already. Ben has been a real champ. Checking things off: so gratifying!


  1. your belly is so cute!!

    man, I haven't even started thinking about list making yet. I'm not even sure what I'd put on a list!

  2. i can't wait to see that baby boy!

  3. oh my. i can't believe it, 7 weeks to go!! did you end up going to encinitas yesterday? you must must go on a road trip before your maternity leave is up. i think that was also why i remember everything so clearly. i wanted to soak it all in. i am really excited for you jamie!!