Wednesday, December 14, 2011

when H wasn't yet a week old, a girlfriend and her 6 month old baby came to visit. she held onto H with tears in her eyes, marvelling and his tiny size, not letting go until he finally needed to nurse. i thought- yeah i know they grow fast. but come on. your baby is only 6 months older. it isn't SO hard to remember how tiny she was?

and now i understand. it is completely mind boggling how fast they change and grow, and how quickly we forget.

the other day, this happened. i was sorting clothes to give our pregnant sister in law, and could not believe how small his newborn outfits were. then last night i watched ben "cradle" H in his arms to rock him to sleep, thinking to myself, i don't know how much longer we will physically be able to do this! then last night i was sorting photos for grandparent chistmas gifts. look at how baggy his tiny clothes even were! look how much room he still has in those arms.
slow down, little man. i can't keep up!


  1. so tiny!! I remember feeling like Wolf was growing way too fast when our friends had their baby, 2.5 months after. he was teeny. every once in awhile I'll go back and look at Ws first photos and get a little pang in my chest remembering how tiny he was. I love all the new phases but he was so little and small and new!

  2. Seeing other newborns makes me crave another bubby!!! I miss the total dependance they have on you...mine is almost crawling and it's like "STOP!" haha <3


  3. I totally understand! I think this is the reason why I love so much attachment parenting because it gives me the feeling that, even of time goes so fast, I enjoy every possible moments with Alice. :)