Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The more I think of it, the more I'm loving the idea of a floor bed (or, montessori-style bed) for Cheech once we get her into her own room. The reason we don't have our bed on the floor now is because when you live and run a business out of a 650 sq. ft. space with a baby, you use every single nook and cranny possible for storage. Cheech isn't walking yet, and THANKFULLY hasn't been showing extreme amounts of interest, but I imagine once she does figure it out, having her sleep in our bed when we're not in it might be a tad bit scary.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank all of you who suggested it. It really is the most practical solution, and I have no idea why it never crossed my mind.

Also, TONS of thanks for all your thoughts regarding sharing. It's fascinating and educational to learn all the approaches different parents choose to take and why.

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  1. we have a crib mattress for kai on the floor next to our bed.
    I love having it on the floor, makes me feel a whole lot safer, so he cant seriously hurt himself.

  2. I've always had my bed on the floor, since I was 16 or so. My mom always said it was a fire

  3. Yep floor bed all the way! After having moved to china last year we have spent 6 months with junior in a small awkward room and a normal raised bed that came with the apartment. Last week out of exasperation we put the mattress on the floor and got rid of said bed - relief! Play, read, sleep all so much easier now.

    Like you, we never intended to co-sleep or floor bed, but it has worked out really well for us.

  4. This might have to be our new sleeping arrangement too, considering that Stella fell out of our bed the other night. If only our bed frame wasn't SO massive and we could easily move it somewhere else. This looks like the perfect arrangement for co-sleeping with Cheech.

  5. I think I want a floor bed for myself...

  6. A floor bed! Good decision!

    You might want to check out what these parents did for their baby in their tiny apartment:

    1. oh my god that bed start website is so rad!