Monday, January 23, 2012

Before I had Cheech, the idea of a playroom seemed incredibly wasteful and overly extravagant. My God, was I stupid. Living in Such a small space with a baby makes me really yearn for an extra fun-filled room. It really has nothing to do with the fact that ALL HER STUFF has slowly, but surely, taken over our stuff, but more that it would be so awesome if she could have a place where she isn't constantly being directed away from so many non-baby friendly things.

Realistically, when we finally do move, our new place won't be too much bigger. We enjoy small space living, and in order to stay in the area we want to live in, we're going to have to sacrifice a big home due to all the dollars bigger places tend to cost here. So, here first room will end up being a bedroom/playroom, but I have a feeling she's going to love it.

Super fun AND cute playroom found on Shja's Blog.


  1. great playroom! as a kid we had a basement... but honestly, my playroom was my bedroom. it felt totally normal and fine. when i went to my friends' houses that was pretty standard. it was pretty extravagant for a friend to have a "playroom" that wasn't a multi-purpose basement or a bedroom.

  2. Yes, yes. This totally resonates with me. We live in a tiny place, and I'm not really yearning for a huge house, but--so. much. toddler. stuff everywhere. No room is safe. A playroom sounds pretty great.

  3. The good news: littles don't need a ton of space! M's bedroom-slash-playroom is 10'x10'. We baby-proofed it and put a gate on the door, and she spends a good part of each day playing in there (with me, of course!). It's great to have a place where I don't have to say "NO" constantly. We play in the living room, too, but that's mostly about chasing the dog and cat and getting into trouble. ;)