Wednesday, August 3, 2011

We purchased very few toys for the little man before he was born (like, one, maybe 2??). He receieved a good amount of hand-me-downs and a few gifts, plus I don't think you need many. Especially for such a little guy. But as I have been watching him learn to grab and hold things and take them to his mouth I was reminded of this teething ring that I saw (and resisted buying) when I was pregnant. It is the perfect size for him to hold, and he really likes putting fabric in his mouth. Win! It came in the mail Saturday while we were on our way to the farmer's market. The whole time we were there he kept a hold of it! So cute.


  1. i'm still weird about buying toys for cheech, but she'd be all over that teether.

    p.s. just sent you a video from joe's phone.

  2. Oh my, how cute! haven't seen one of those before but I'd be on it too :)

  3. Love this toy. The mommy necklaces are awesome too. I think I'll order one as my little one is super distracted while nursing these days. Thanks for sharing!