Friday, April 1, 2011

Well here we are! Have I told you about my epic (organized by: nature of task, whose responsibility the task is, and when it must get done. and color coded) to do list excel spreadsheet? Yeah I am a huge dork. Point is the list was set up to be done by this weekend, and I am glad to report we just have a few more tasks to cross off! Then I am going to take after Claudia* and put away the lists and just enjoy this time. (Ben will be so relieved.) A great way to kick off this new phase is with some pampering. The weekend's agenda includes no less than:

-massage (thanks Carly!)
-hair cut
-prenatal partner yoga
-manicure/pedicure (thanks girls!)
-eyebrow waxing

For a girl like me who does not spend a lot of time or money on grooming this is pretty fancy.

*who I can't help but notice has not been around since Tuesday.....


  1. eep! two weeks (give or take)! sounds like you're having an awesome weekend. i got a massage earlier in the week and it was exactly what the doctor ordered. we're almost MOMS, jamie! is that crazy, or is that CRAZY?

    *i've noticed claudia's absence too. hmm..

  2. Claudia!! I'm friends with her on facebook and I just peeked at her profile. I believe {if I'm translating French correctly} that she had her baby on Wednesday!

    I'm getting a hair cut today! I'm a lot thrilled as it's been since BEFORE MY WEDDING LAST SUMMER that I got it cut. I wish I were getting a massage as well, but alas,

  3. Good for you! I was getting my hair cut on Wednesday but my water broke before...I know it sounds stupid but I was pretty sad to cancel my appointment (I asked my husband to send an email to my stylist at 3am...I'm just like that)!!!

  4. Cute, cute, cute bump. And, of course, I have to log on to a Californian blog to learn about a gal from my hometown! Allo Claudia et félicitations!

  5. You and Celia are so beautiful pregnant! I love seeing your weekly updates and how you guys rock non-traditional pregnancy clothes.