Saturday, March 5, 2011

Two things:

1. I'm sick, and it sucks to be sick when you're pregnant. It's really just seasonal allergies which, unfortunately, have plagued me for as long as I can remember. Joe and I went for a walk yesterday and it felt exceptionally springy out... I should have known all the blooming flowers would do this to me. So now, I'm stuck inside, in bed, wearing my pajama pants and that tank top that Joe loves to point out doesn't fit me anymore every time I wear it. No, I'm not jealous of Jamie's beautiful picture out in the sun on a picnic blanket AT ALL. For those of you who also suffer from seasonal allergies, keep in mind that springtime isn't exactly the best time to be expecting a baby. Which brings me to...

2. Did you notice? I've skipped a week. This baby has consistently been measuring all wrong. On average, I've only been about a week off and never more than a week and half ahead. At 22 weeks, my due date was changed to the 12th, then the 11th, and then back to the 14th. It's been all over the place. There came a point where people would ask my due date and I'd simply shrug my shoulders and tell them "I don't know". This probably made me seem like a big jerkface, but I really had no clue. At my 32 week appointment, I measured 33 weeks. BUT THEN at my 34 week appointment (this past Thursday), I jumped 4 weeks to 37 weeks. My weight gain didn't skyrocket in these past two weeks, so what gives? My doctor felt around my belly and said that It wasn't a big baby she was feeling (phew!), so I either have extra amniotic fluid or this is a case of mistaken due date. It makes very little sense to me how a due date can be wrong. Apparently, being on hormonal birth control for twelve years straight and getting pregnant just 6 weeks or so after you get off it doesn't exactly help the situation. Anyway, although I seem to be closer to 37 weeks, my doctor has officially moved my date only 1 week to April 8th. Meaning, instead of turning 34 weeks this week, I turned 35. Confusing? Yeeeaaah, I'm at a total loss here. The good news is, I did some research online and most women in this situation seem to have been pressured into being induced. My doctor, however, made no mention of this and it looks like she thinks I should just ride it out. I guess babies come when they want anyway, so FINE BY ME.


  1. i have read that it is pretty common for doctors to mistakenly predict due dates, because they will base it on a typical cycle, rather than when that particular person actually ovulated and became pregnant, at least i think that's what i remember reading.

  2. Such a beautiful photo. Since moving to Cali I have the worst allergies on the planet that no amount of drugs can help. I'm thinking of going to a nutritional therapist as I hear it can work wonders. That sounds sooooo LA, huh?

  3. My due date "changed" a few times (after each sonography) but my doctor told me that there was no point to change it in all the papers just for fun. So sometimes it is April 1st (our first date) and on my blog I wrote April 5th (but it could also be April 12th). She said, one week at the time and try to relax!!!

    So, how is the baby (was it you who had a breech baby)? So many babies coming soon!!!

    I hope that you will get better soon :)

  4. That is possibly my favourite bump photo so far, the hand, the beautiful bump and the softness and hope of it all.

    Sorry to hear you're ill and hope the blossoms die down and you feel better soon.

    And due dates, not quite an exact science from what I understand. My sister has a 5week cycle which they thankfully managed to factor in allowing her a longer pregnancy and later due date. And yes sure baby will come when baby is ready, regardless of due date.

  5. I suffer from terrible allergies most of my life. You can try using a saline rinse. A netipot. A natural way to get some relief.

  6. sorry to hear you're feeling sick!! that's no fun.

    your situation sounds an awful lot like mine. at my 13w ultrasound the baby was measuring 10 days ahead of my LMS, making it almost biologically impossible for me to have conceived him to get that due date. now I'm still measuring a little big according to my doc, but I'm just about to hit 30 weeks. also, like you, I was on birth control for 12 years... hmm. AND my husband comes from a family with big babies. he was only 7.5lbs, BUT born at 35 weeks. his bros and sisters were all early too, and his one brother that went to 40 weeks was 9.5lbs. yikes. I'm wondering if our little man will come early. or I'll be like you at 34 weeks and measuring at 37! guess we'll find out.

  7. loving this photo Celia! the lighting and colour - perfect!

    did you know you can take some allergy tablets when you're pregnant? I take claritin on the days when I just cannot breathe from sniffing, sneezing and being all stuffed up per my drs recommendation.

  8. well i always took it for pretty much certain that your baby will be coming before my baby.

    anyways, who needs a due date? i am just being prepared for any old time in april (but *expecting* it will be late april).

    funny, i read just such a thing in Dr Sears (and thought again about how much better it was than what to expect) they actually reccomend being vauge or LYING about your due date, to keep "you are still pregnant???" comments at bay, and to help you from getting to anxious when the "date" rolls around.

    anyhow, as someone who spent most of january and much of december sick, YES. being sick while pregnant STINKS. hoping you are starting to feel better.

    lovely picture.


  9. I'm sorry you're sick chicken.

    I know what date the bubs were 'conceived' since, hello, I was right there when the dr put them back inside me, and yet the scans showed a due date two weeks ahead every time. I conclude that estimating due dates from scans is ballcock.

    And the other day I told Nye that you were having your baby early and Jamie was having her's late. I know these things you see.