Thursday, March 24, 2011

I sometimes take for granted that everyone reads all the same blogs that I do. And so I try not to repeat too much. But some things are worth repeating, and even if only one or two of you need to know, then it is worth it. It was recently brought to my attention that not everyone is aware of the series of guests posts of books to read to your Littles, on Peonies and Polaroids, by Amanda of First Milk:
For the Very Small. (Dogs and apples, tigers, mush.)
For littles. (For aloud and together, with clean ears and toes.)
For the slightly bigger. (For sneaking flashlights ‘neath warm sheets.)

And do spend some time getting acquainted with Amanda, a fairy of words that are her own and others. Also with Peonies, whose photographic talents I have mentioned before, and her witty observations on pregnancy and motherhood are worth scrolling the archives for. And if you need more book suggestions, this seems to be a lovely series...

photo by Lola's Room via Peonies & Polaroids


  1. i plan on getting ALL the books on amanda's list. so far, i only have about 4, but hey, slow and steady wins the race.

  2. i tried to take the list to the used bookstore but it was a little overwhelming. i think i need to organize it by author name THEN go.

    also have you noticed how expensive used books are these days? used to be like, a drop in the bucket. now they are like, at least 50% of the list price. bummer.

    also i like when it is just us commenting on each others posts. HA! {sad trombone}

  3. welllll good for me. i haven't read her blog (although the name sounds familiar) but there are a few on here i don't have. i cannot tell you how much i've spent on books although i am seriously of the philosophy that 1-2 stories at night are best. We can sneak in a new book but we ALWAYS have to read either Big Red Barn or Good Night Moon. every. night. we also just got to the level of 'caps for sale'. great book list. thanks for sharing!! xo

  4. and you seriously don't need to get all those books. that is what fun trips to the library are for (an activity you will be very thankful for in the coming months!! ;)

  5. Oh, you beauties! I'm so PLEASED that you liked the lists.

    And you appear to have called me a FAIRY, J dear. I have always wanted to be a FAIRY.

  6. Thank you for the reminder. We have been talking lately about a little book shopping expedition since Talia's stack is feeling a little old.