Thursday, January 13, 2011

I have been scheming for years how I could convince Peonies to come over from Scotland and just... I don't know. Photograph our life for a day. Not a photoshoot, just, you know. Spend the day with us, taking pictures? When she had some babies and then I found out we would be having a baby the desire was even stronger.
I think I have a plan: what if all of us in California hire Peonies for a day. Then there will be so many reasons for her (and Nye, and the babies) to all come to California.
Good idea, right? Now. Who is in.
all photos via Peonies and Polaroids, see her & her husband's amazing wedding photography on Lilian & Leonard.


  1. ha! the dream team touch is just lovely.

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  3. Interesting, you want a photographer and we want an architect...

    (find someone who'll pay for our flights and give us somewhere to stay and we're there in an instant.)

    (not that you need us, hello gorgeous photographer)