Friday, March 11, 2011

First off, I'd like to give the biggest shout-out to Jamie for covering this WHOLE week. She is truly the best. Had I known that some little allergies would turn into a week of being plastered to my couch, alternating between breathing through my nose and breathing through my mouth, I would have at least rented some movies or something. Well, at least I took the time to pack my hospital bag.

Anyway... 1 MONTH! Holy crap, I almost can't believe it. As of next week, I'll officially be full-term. Yay, baby, you made it! Honestly, I'll be surprised if I last a month. Not that I know what to expect, but things have just felt funny lately. Hard to explain. Oh, and I've definitely dropped. My belly once sat snuggly under my boobs, and now it's kind of hanging sluggishly over my lady parts (tmi?). Not cute, guys, not cute at all. The baby goes crazy when I lay in that position and it's so much fun to watch. I've been doing a lot of that lately; not only because I've been sick, but because the simplest tasks are so exhausting these days.

*On a side note, I'll FINALLY be listing new pieces in the shop this weekend. I made an executive decision to not get my germy hands all over the new crop of vintage goodies that will soon be for sale. :)


  1. That's one beautiful belly. Glad you're better. Just in time for funny things to happen, maybe. ;)

  2. oh you mean for the ONE EXTRA (and kind of lame post i did?) yeah i know i am amazing.

    so glad you are feeling better.

    i said to ben the other day, before you even got sick. "wouldn't it be awful to be sick when i went into labor?" and he said he thought the labor would overshadow the sickness and it wouldn't make THAT big a diff. and i say he is CRAZY. you get a few minutes between contractions for resting, you don't want to be all achey and stuffy and icky! so, glad you are feeling better.

    1 month.


  3. so beautiful. you look so beautiful.