Wednesday, January 26, 2011

(6 weeks)

I had some weirdness in the beginning of my pregnancy that was later found to be because of a low-lying placenta. As a result, we ended up going in for more ultrasounds than the average pregnant lady to monitor the placenta in hopes that it would move up. The good news is that as of our last ultrasound last week, it has moved up and as long as this baby doesn't stay breech, I have been ok'd to give birth the conventional way and not have to schedule a c-section. The sad news, however, is that we will no longer keep getting ultrasounds, which is something that Joe and I always looked forward to. Not only is it comforting, as a pregnant lady, to physically see that everything is going according to plan, but it's incredibly remarkable to witness the amazing advancements your baby is making in such a short amount of time. We were shocked when the fetus had doubled in size in just 2 weeks (weeks 6-8), and could not believe that at just about 12 weeks later, there was a full-blown baby in there. And last week, I couldn't stop laughing at the thought of the baby barely having any room in there. Pretty crazy, huh?

(8 weeks)

(21 weeks)

(28 weeks)

It's the feet that really make my heart go pitter-patter. They are the exact replica of Joe's feet!

(21 weeks, feet)

(28 weeks, foot)

P.S. We've decided to hold off on the "boy or girl" question until the actual birth day. It's been fun to hear everyone's assumptions and why. There are few things people are more certain of than your baby's gender.


  1. Wow, wow, wow! These images are AMAZING! At 21 weeks, she or he looks like the most perfect baby. Congrats on growing that little one in there. Strong work, mama. xo.

  2. i had analogous little bursts of joy when i rescued a bunch of chicken eggs from our college lab and incubated them in our dorm room; we'd look at them under our desk lamps and could see the little chicks getting bigger, and even their hearts beating. given how exciting that was, getting to see your own baby must be cuckoo-bananas. thank you for sharing, C - and well done on making some adorable feet!

  3. thanks, nicole! we like to use the word "perfect" to describe that picture too... not that we're biased or anything. ;)

  4. Gorgeous. Amazing how they grow!

    Ps: Your baby's gender may be in question for quite some time seeing as it is a social construction. The sex on the other hand, that is already determined. (Sorry, I'm a sociology academic).

  5. "There are few things people are more certain of than your baby's gender."...HA! So true.

  6. We were also pretty shocked when we went to our 8 weeks ultrasound. The 6 weeks one was just ssssooooo small and two weeks after it is so much bigger! We also did many ultrasounds and you are right, it is so comforting!

  7. Good grief I love babies. And your baby has a mighty fine profile and adorable little feets. Sweet, sweet, sweet. xoxo

  8. baby feet are the best. their toes look like little kernels of shoepeg corn. that baby is destined to have their little feet smooched.

  9. It is pretty exciting to see that little bump inside you :) I am about half way through my pregnancy, and take for granted that I work in a radiology practice & get to have a few looks each week!!

  10. Wow, exciting! Are you in the Bay Area? (I see 'Oakland' on the image) I know several doulas in the area that may be able to help you turn the baby if you need it.

  11. hey davanie!

    i am in the bay area. we're trying to figure out if hiring a doula is currently in our budget, but please feel free to email me any info you may have. that would be awesome.


  12. GIRL!

    I've never been right, btw. But I can't help at least guess.