Monday, December 5, 2011

Time is flying. When Cheech was born, I remember thinking that 8 and 9 month olds seemed so old... so advanced and grown up. It was hard to imagine her ever being able to do all the things that the big kids could do.

This past month has been a month of firsts. Her first haircut. The first time she flew East to spend time with her Papa's family. The first time she met two of her uncles. Her first time sleeping through the whole, entire night... for multiple nights in a row. The first time she got licked on the face by a pup. The first time getting hissed at by a kitty (not our kitty). The first time she ate beets (and LOVED them). The first time she officially crawled. The first time she held on to the side of our coffee table and stood up (done exactly one day after mastering crawling). The first time she took three steps around said coffee table. The first, of many, times she fell. The first time she looked to me and held her arms out for comfort after falling. Her first bruise. The first time she heard, "NO". The first, of many, times she ignored my "NO".

She really is becoming a little grownup right before my very eyes.


  1. Aw, look at those big eyes! She's so beautiful, I just want to squeeze her. Love her little sweater.

  2. Happy 8 months to Cheech!! She is looking so grown up these days...

  3. Love it. Isn't it so exciting? I keep reminding myself to slow down, to make note of all of these amazing changes, lest I forget them (as I inevitably will). Thanks for to check in here.

  4. her facial expressions kill me.