Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A while back I phoned the radiologist to make our second trimester ultrasound. I expected that we would make the appointment a few weeks off from that day, around week 20/21. A few more weeks to be filled with anticipation about whether our nugget was a little he or she. "Can you come in today?" asked the radiologist. Today.... today? It was a little like someone saying on December 14th, well then, shall we just celebrate Christmas tomorrow?
And so I left work early. On the way home I stopped into a thrift store we had walked past the night before, to check out a rug I saw in the window that I thought might be nice in the baby's room. The rug wasn't a keeper, but I thought that these vintage salt + pepper shakers would be so so cute as shelf decoration.

We had the technician make a note of it for us, so that we could look at it together afterward. Except.... we both caught what we were each pretty sure was an undeniable... feature... sure enough!

Yup. There's a little guy in that belly! We are all very excited! And I am so glad to finally share this with you!
(Hm. I wonder if I will get in trouble one day from my son for flashing this for the world to see. Remind me to delete it before he learns how to use the computer. Which is what, 8 months these days?)


  1. Aww congrats!! :)


  2. Oh yay!
    So happy for you guys :)
    And yeah, I think 8 months sounds about right ;)

  3. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That is all I can say about this.


  4. I knew it. Oh boy. Big kisses to you all.

  5. Congrats! Very exciting news and I love the salt and pepper shakers too. I've never seen an ultrasound so clear as to whether or not it's a boy or girl so super impressed at the nugget showing it for all to see :-D

  6. i've heard reports that they're starting as early as 7 months. :/

  7. Oh wow! You are making a little penis inside you right. this. moment.

    You're going to be outnumbered by boys. Quick, have a girl to even things out.

  8. Congratulations! I laughed out loud at the 8 month joke. It's so true. HAHA.

  9. yay!!! sooo exciting! chill-worthy!

  10. congrats. i love that you posted that image. don't erase it. its too good! :)

  11. one more thing. you have to get this or perhaps design your own when the little one is ready. it cracks me up...



  12. SO flipping excited. And they're, er, already that "developed" at this stage? Who knew!

  13. Well, hey there little fella! So very excited for y'all!

  14. a boy!! well, i'm just a bit sad. isn't that selfish of me?!