Thursday, January 20, 2011

Speaking of pining over beautiful things we want on behalf of our babies.

This is the lamp I want for the little guys' room.

A little about that room... We haven't actually started putting it together yet (maybe I should get on it already?) but we have started pulling the elements together. Mostly he is getting a lot of hand me downs from mom & pop; stuff we have outgrown but held on to, or things that we think would be pretty rad in his room. The result? A kind of mid-century/western/industrial/vintage/mod mash up.

One thing I have not collected much of is lamps, and I think this one is perfect. The Buckminster inspired geometric form is so cool for childhood, and the warm glow of the hardened felt really speaks to the vintage western-ey theme without being literal.

They carry it in one of my favorite local shops, and every time I pass by I sigh.

I am holding out. Honestly? I probably won't buy it. The rad rocking chair was kind of my we don't really need this but I want it cause it is so pretty splurge.

But, we'll see.


  1. you've been thinking about this lamp for SO LONG. i say you just get it because you love it so much.

  2. i'm going to say what a few people said about my mobile... you'll be able to use that lamp forever. it's not so baby-centric that you'll only end up getting a couple years use out of it. so if you ask me, it's totally worth it. we've got three months left, so if you put roughly $50 aside each month for the lamp, it won't feel so serious. ;)

  3. Dude, it's gorgeous. Get it for *you*.