Monday, March 19, 2012

Hi friends. I have an exciting (and scary!) baby related project, up on ADF, in case you are interested.

photograph of H & I by michelle of rad + in love


  1. sweet!! congrats! don't be scared. you guys look great -- i love the nursing shots, they are very classy. good work, michelle!

    when i was out of the house for a bit the other day, greg broke out our sling and it was so adorable. we really treasure the days when dax NEEDED to be worn. i mean, he still totally loves it and we do it every single day as we don't use a stroller still, but it's so sweet to remember the baby times.

    it's going to be so awesome to see the photos all together in 6 months -- H is going to change so much!

  2. This is such an exciting project. I'm involved with the local Babywearing group in San Diego...would you mind if I let them know about your participation in the SB project and sent them a link to your blog??

    1. sure priscilla! shoot me an email. i don't see yours. :)

      desertfete {at} gmail {dot} come