Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Thanks to an anonymous comment on this post I started reading bonbon mini. Have you checked it out? You should. From that blog I got the genius idea of hiring an in home instructor for cpr/first aid. Ben and I wanted to brush up and go into better detail from what we learned in our baby care class, but finding the time to actually go to one was proving hard. So we searched until we found Sue Lockhart. A few friends came over (above, ms Tori and beautiful little Lucca Valentine) and our nanny came for a refresher. H got to hang out and yell and bang on blocks during the class and no one minded. It was great. The small classroom size was perfect too! And if you are in the area, I really recommend Sue/Lockhart Training.


  1. Thanks Jamie! It was so nice to meet you all. I loved being able to hold that precious little Lucca!
    I hope you never have to use any of those CPR skills, but am glad you got to practice just in case! Take Care, Sue

  2. Glad you like her blog! I didn't mean to be anonymous (no blog for me, so I guess I'm slightly anonymous even if you know my name).