Monday, February 13, 2012

Oh Nature Baby, how do I love thee. Celia obviously covered a lot of it. Organic Wool? (Which is what they sent us to check out.) This material is the sh*t. It is not scratchy at all, super soft. And (like you all suggested) so great for layering. Warm, but breathable, and such a light thin layer!

I really love that the company is pretty dedicated to their natural products. In reading their website I don't think this is a case of green-washing. From their site;

"Our organic wool is completely free of any chemical residues. It has been grown and processed free of chemicals typically used in the wool process e.g. drenches, scours, bleaches and shrinkage agents."


Ok, so we know it is practical, but it is also so stylish. As celia pointed out, we are obsessed with stripes, and they have them aplenty. But above all I am so impressed with their timeless and classic styling. Nothing gaudy or fussy, no cutesy imagery. They have a small tag on the bottom of the front of the shirts (which sometimes drives me CRAZY, I hate logos) but this one is subtle and cute and well designed enough that it does not bother me one bit.) Everything is so pleasantly gender neutral without being overly adult. I am dying to get Henry one of these tops in rose. After all, his papa wore pink at our wedding.

So yeah, I am in love with Nature Baby. I want to travel to New Zealand and visit their flagship store and paw all the goodies in person. Heck I want to partner up with them and OPEN a satellite store here in San Diego. Am I right?

Thanks Nature Baby!


  1. Cutie!!!

    You take such awesome photos of him. I love the crib shots. And him in that bucket hat. OH MY!

  2. a) the difference in fit between h and cheech when it comes to the leggings is HILARIOUS. even in a cloth diaper, h doesn't exactly have the "fill out" power that cheech possesses. ;)

    b) he's in his crib! and he looks so handsome and grown up in it, too.

  3. Wool is seriously the best. My mom has made Zoe a few little hats, sweaters, leggings, gloves, booties in this amazing merino wool. Love it.

  4. Aw, he's so cute in stripes and fuzzi bunz! I love it. Can I request a cloth diapering post when you have some time? I'm dying to know how it's working out for you now as opposed to in the beginning, and when H was big enough to fit in the One Size diapers.

  5. Yes please...if only you could open one in San Diego...we're probably move back there later this year! Im drooling over everything on their website tight now. : )

  6. Smiles + stripes + sunshine... what wonderful, happy photos!