Thursday, February 2, 2012

It is such a cliche, isn't it, that all new parents talk about is baby poop.

While I never declared "I will never be one of those people who talk about baby poop all the time!" I never expected how much I would.

It is really one of our favorite topics, for so many reasons. I mean really. You learn so much from it. Right? AM I RIGHT?

(all I will say about the above is when we forgot that Henry had his first spinach/avo smoothie- the next day we were worried his dairy sensitivity had flared back up....)


  1. so, wait... did it flare up? so far, cheech can handle just about anything (although i never give her bananas 'cause they MAJORLY constipate her), but i've heard that babies who have sensitivities often grow out of them.

    dude. i am OBSESSED with baby poop.

  2. you are so right! I never thought i would become the mum that talks about poop - to anyone!! argh, you just can't help it :) it comes with the territory!

  3. haha C no, it didn't flare up, but we thought it did cause his poop was so green!