Monday, February 20, 2012

Except for "dada" and the occasional "mama", Cheech is far from not only saying words, but actually formulating sentences. Joe and I are pretty excited about her developing vocabulary, and love to imagine all the strange and funny things she'll say. After all, kids do say funny and strange things.

Amy from Angry Chicken started keeping record of all the memorable stuff her kids would say, and wanted to find a way to document them. In need of a blank card one day, she realized the quotes finally had a great purpose. I CANNOT wait to to do this. I'm always on the hunt for great blank cards that can be used for any event, and I have a feeling that I'll eventually end up with quite a vast selection.


  1. i remember seeing this around before and am glad you reminded me of it. kids really do say the darndest things.

  2. If you like those cards you will love this twitter feed. A friend of mine runs it, sayings taken from the children at her preschool, and she has a really good eye for the funny stuff:
    (not trying to be all self-promote-y, it just is really funny).