Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cheech woke up with her second cold this morning, and I swear to you, the girl is a booger factory. Her last cold wasn't as bad in this department, so I opted to hold off on buying the Nosefrida for a bit. Well, now I'm regretting it. Maybe. I called our local children's store and although they do not carry the Nosefrida, they explained that they had the Baby Comfy Nose, which is essentially the same thing (uses your own suction to suck out boogers). Cheech is not too cool when it comes to people touching her face, so Joe held her down while I tried to suck out all the boogers I possibly could. Although it did work, I didn't get the results I was hoping for. All I've ever heard of the Nosefrida is that you feel so satisfied after using it on a boogery baby. However, I didn't really get that feeling. Should I have just driven to Whole Foods and bought the Nosefrida? Have any of you tried both? Are my expectations too high?



    My husband bought this gadget and I was a bit taken aback at first but it works well and Zoe doesn't hate it.

  2. the nose frida is so satisfying.... compared to a NORMAL aspirator. it is still hell getting it INTO his nose. it still doesnt get THAT MUCH out. the whole sitch still sucks. (ha) i cant IMAGINE this is that diff?

    did you try doing saline first?

    so funny they both got colds at the same time.


  3. We swore before our little guy was born that we would never touch the noseffida...and ordered it off amazon the first week he was home. Saline spray + nosefrida = boogie miracles.

  4. I have this same device -- I haven't used the NoseFrida, but from what I read you have to deal with buying special filters - I liked that the ComfyNose just uses regular tissues as the filter. (Amazon reviews noted this as a nice advantage -

    From what I can tell, both suckers are more or less the same, but I'd be interested in hearing a side-by-side comparison!

  5. dax hates the nosefrida so much that he would writhe in horror when he saw it coming around. it was literally a torture device. now that he is older, he just plainly says, NO.

    i think the nosefrida is only awesome for wee babes.

  6. My almost 10 month old daughter has had a cold for a week and for the past few days screams bloody murder when I get her out of the crib in the morning and put her on her changing table to suck out the boogies from her nose. We just have the nasal aspirator they gave us from the hospital, but will probably be getting the nosefrida today. Will be interesting to see what everyone suggests.