Tuesday, January 17, 2012

You might have guessed that my husband surfs. This is something we have always hoped that he would one day share with our future off spring. It is such a huge part of his life, and such a pure activity that makes him so happy and keeps him healthy, why wouldn't we want him to pass it on? Plus the image of a little towheaded toddler paddling out with his or her papa is just *too cute*. Of course, especially since Henry has been born, we keep a level head about it. Knowing he might not care for surfing, or the ocean at all. But we can't help but be a little pleased every time he shows a liking for water. So why did I start to panic about the possibility of him surfing one day? The truth is; if it wasn't for Ben I probably would have left San Diego. It is nice and all, but kind of... limited? And so expensive. But, we stay. And I suddenly imagine Henry, all grown up (ish) and ready to leave home, choosing a college. And I imagine his choices being limited to where they have.... good surf. Ack! I want more for him! I want him to be instilled with the wanderlust for ALL exciting places that I felt as a youth. Not just the Pacific Coast. So how off my rocker am I, worrying about this for my not quite yet 9 month old? Kind of silly, I know. But then I remembered last night, when Ben finished high school he did not, in fact follow the surf, but moved to Sweden for a year.  So, I suppose there is hope that Henry can be both passionate about surfing, but not so tied to it that it keeps him from exploring other possibilities. Do you have similar crazy pants thoughts about your children's future?


  1. I have had THE SAME THOUGHTS about the skiing.

  2. I don't surf but the surfers I know are the biggest travelers I know. He could surf the world! Think Australia, Indonesia, brazil, south Africa! So many places to go that are nothing like San Diego. Don't worry :)

  3. My dad got me hooked gradually, building skate ramps in yards and leaving both surf & skate boards around my whole life. By 7 or 8 I had, by request, my own & still feel like it was my own choice to get into boardsports- though your post definitely pointed some of his blatantly obvious hints out to me. I don't feel duped, but flattered.

    Your concerns about his future choices are totally valid- but where would sons & daughters *be* if their parents didn't pass interests down to them? There's something so cool about family-run businesses, or fishing on a rod that was made by someone 4 generations back. Henry will totally appreciate your enthusiasm one day & be proud to share something so organic with his dad. Re-shaping my grandpa's longboard with my dad will always be one of the fondest experiences of my life.

    & as far as life choices go- I definitely scoped out colleges near beaches. But there are a million great surf breaks all over the world! He won't miss out. I mean I've yet to be told what states that don't touch water, like podunk South Dakota, are good for, anyway?