Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I made this tiny video this afternoon. He was blowing EPIC raspberries that I wanted to catch. (Failed).

But we caught a few other things. Notice first; the teeth. If you are not keeping up on twitter you might not know, but Henry has two little baby bottom teeth. It was rough going for a few nights, but we are out of the woods (for now). Notice second, the tongue. As seen here, it has been making a lot of appearances lately. And the grand finally of the video is a surprise. His newest and most amazing trick. Check it out. 

OMG, so cute, right? If you know how I can fix my wonky little video, feel free to let me know. 


Thank you all for your wonderful comments on my last post. It is nice to hear that we are not the only ones, that others are going through almost the exact same thing. I think sometimes to outsiders, this whole baby thing can come off as looking a bit easier than it is. Cause honestly we are pretty damn happy to be working so hard! So all the strain might not show through so easily. Which can make you wonder; hey, is it hard for everyone else too? And thanks for sharing the perspective from the otherside. ;) Of course I know it gets easier, but it is nice to hear.

It seems a lot of you found some peace with (some form of) sleep training. This is a tuff one for us.  I would really love for Henry to be able to sleep a bit in the evenings without us (say, from 6-10?) or even longer naps, but I don't think I am ready for it at the cost of moving him to his own bed. Sure, a night of uninterrupted sleep sounds awesome.... But I actually feel that the middle of the night together time is valuable. I am away from Henry 40 hours a week. Which to me feels like so much. I can't be there to nurse on demand all day, so I might as well do it at night. This is both emotional and practical. Because we are trying a baby led weaning approach to feeding, he still has pretty high milk needs. I think that if we cut out night nursing I would have a hard time meeting his demand.

So, it is all a delicate balance of choices and compromises, I suppose. For now we choose a baby who needs lots of cuddles to sleep well at night, so that we can keep feeding him in a way that feels best for us. We will see how long that lasts. :)


  1. that is so stinkin cute.

    ima steal that kid!

    no, not really. but it's tempting.

  2. guess who totally gave up on trying to get cheech to sleep in her crib after just one week?
    this mom right here!

    as you well know, i get a little *fidgety* when the topic of sleep training comes up as well. cheech was crying inconsolably WHILE i held her and tried to soothe her, so i can't imagine what it would be like if i actually tried *training* her. of course, the second she'd be put in our bed, she'd be fine and instantly fall asleep on her own. i've struggled with this on many levels. for one, she actually sleeps amazingly well in our bed (i know, strange for babies who co-sleep), so i was mainly trying to switch her for safety reasons. although i do believe safety should be a priority (obviously), i also don't feel it can be good for her to get so stressed out at bedtime. she is the kind of baby that rarely fusses/cries, but when she does, she means BUSINESS.

    i have to admit that sometimes i get a little insecure and feel like it might be best for her and us to just get her in the crib already and go through a little sleep training... especially when i get a raised eyebrow. but, all i have to do is remind myself that every family and every baby is different, and i have to do what works and feels right for us. so, when we FINALLY move into a bigger place, i'm ditching the crib and getting her her own bed. and when it starts to organically feel like the right time, she will start sleeping in it. that's exactly how my mom did it with me, and i don't think i turned out *too* shabby. ;)


  3. You know what? It'll happen when it happens. There's no such thing as too late, just when is right.

    I thought we'd *never* get Ammie to sleep without being swaddled, we tried and she screamed and it was awful and I felt like a terrible parent for wrapping her back up when she was SIX MONTHS OLD when some books said that we should have stopped at six weeks. I had visions of her needing to be swaddled when she was a teenager. But then one day she didn't need to be and that was that. Who fucking cares if it was six months later than it's 'supposed' to be?

    And as for sleep 'training'? We didn't believe in it until the girls were 11 months old and then we did. What can I say? We needed some sleep.

  4. Oh, and SO CUTE. Both of you.

  5. Oh, and I have no "sleeping advice" to give, but OHMYGOD that bird is cute. Also, I was excited to see him give you the "kiss" you told me about. xxo

  6. That kid kills me. So precious. His new trick might be the best trick ever. (So far, anyway.)

  7. I think we are in the same boat. I would LOVE to get more than a two hour stretch of sleep (and even that is lucky) but T is only 6 months and I've gone back to work so I'm willing to comfort him at night for a little bit.

  8. OH my God, stop it. He's sooo cute! Aw, this made my morning.

  9. GET OUT! he gives kisses on demand! i love it!!

  10. I'm just wondering if you have an update on this? Has anything changed?

    Can I also ask, if you weren't back at work would you have considered/gone ahead with his own crib by now? I'm looking to learn about balance. Thx