Thursday, November 3, 2011

I don't suspect that they are for everyone, but I have seen a number of dolls around where the dolls engaged in various activities like babywearing, nursing, and even (as in above) birthing. These ones by fridastierchen are some of my favorites. I'd like to have a few dolls in H's collection of toys, maybe I will get one of these?
PS- fox mask!


  1. whoa, amazing dolls! i feel like i would buy that doll for someone really special to me who was having a baby. but it would be hard for me to justify the expense for us when it's so hard to know what floats a baby's boat. i mean, it's like the cat -- you buy it a toy and all it really wants is the twisty tie that the toy came with.

  2. When I was little, I had an off-brand Barbie from the dollar store that was pregnant. She had a plastic stomach that popped off and out came a baby. By far, my favorite doll ever. This one would be so much better since it's plush (and not Barbie).

  3. omg, i remember that barbie!

    this toy is much too beautiful for cheech to play with (girl is ROUCH on her toys), but it would totally love it to put on a bookshelf in her room. i LOVE the baby-wearing ones, and cheech rarely even gets worn.