Wednesday, October 26, 2011

With the introduction of solids, comes baby's first sips of water. Our pediatrician had instructed us to start Cheech on a sippy cup, and while I obviously wasn't expecting her to get it right away, I finally gave up after the hundredth time of having to change a soaking wet shirt. I don't know about your baby, but my baby hasn't exactly mastered the art of tilting her head back and slowly gulping tiny sips of water. Instead, she opens her mouth wide open and just sits there while water pools on the sides of her mouth and creates a waterfall effect down her chest. Charming, I know.

We were at the park earlier this week with our friends, Shayna and E, when I noticed that E's sippy cup had a straw attached. "What a GENIUS child this must be!", I thought to myself. If Cheech was nowhere near handling a regular sippy cup, we'd be lucky if she mastered a straw by the time she got into kindergarden. Shayna assured me that the straw was actually much easier and that little E was also not so keen on the head tilt. Sure enough, I tried it out on Cheech and she was taking sips of water like a champ! I ran out and bought a sippy cup with a straw that same afternoon.

After doing some more research, I came across the LOLLACUP, which I will admit is a bit of an investment for a sippy cup, but I'm loving the handles suited for little hands and the narrower straw for flow control. I just might have to put it on her Christmas wishlist.


  1. Well, E really is quite the genius but the sippy cup is just not her thing. That straw sippy cup is pretty darlin'.