Wednesday, October 12, 2011

With Holiday Season just around the corner (I know... scary, right?), I've been on the lookout for baby girl dresses that are suitable for all the festivities and that also DON'T SUCK. I don't know what it is about December that makes it OK for designers to just start sticking candy cane and santa hat appliqu├ęs everywhere. I'm really trying to avoid having Cheech look like she's going to one of those tacky Christmas sweater parties, you know? Luckily, I found some great pieces over at Zara and Lost and Found.


  1. Cheech would look so cute in those dresses! Love them.

  2. OMG! Lost and found has such amazing stuff! What a find :) x

  3. ooo, the plaid, the plaid!

    p.s. little dresses like that make me long for a little sister for Wolf.