Thursday, September 22, 2011

As Celia mentioned, Tea Collection asked us if we would like to review some of their children's clothing. Um, yes please! Actually, the first baby clothing item I remember buying ages ago was a Tea item. It was a teeny tiny onesie for the new addition for the family I was already working as a nanny for. I had never seen such a beautiful mod pattern on baby clothes before! And of course when Henry was born they handed it back down to us. So sweet.

For Henry of course I picked up the western inspired shirt above. We love the colors. Henry you are so manly.

Solid color tees! You know I love me some plain solid kids clothes. You know that, right? Why don't more companies do it? I don't know. Anyways they have a selection of colors in this thick cuddly tee that will be perfect for fall. Ben picked the indigo for Henry.

Baby in a hood! Ack! I think he needs to wear it at the beach to hide him from the wind while his papa gets in an evening surf sess. I wasn't sure about the orange till I got it on him. So dang cute.

I do wish that they made some of the newborn styles in larger sizes. I love the mod patterns and subdued color pallets, and we still wear footed one piece outfits every morning.

Thanks Tea collection! We are a little more ready for fall now! Bring it!


  1. Love the hoodie!

    I bought one single item of clothing before E was born. I was crazy superstitious about buying things 'fore we had her in our arms (don't ask). But caved and bought the sweetest plaid dress that she'll wear this fall. I couldn't resist.

    And Henry is adorable (aka super manly).

  2. I am loving his facial expression in that first picture

  3. seriously, henry is such a handsome boy. and that western shirt, to die for! how cute would that be on a GIRL with some leggings and a cardigan layered over? if only i could dress myself as well as i dress cheech...

  4. baby in a hoody - yes!!! Wolf wore his hoody for the first time last weekend. I about died.

  5. Oh, that hoodie. Oh, that baby. Both are just gorgeous!