Thursday, August 11, 2011

campfire, kern river

If you came over to Hank & Lucy as a reader of ADF, you know that I am seriously into summer. As I was mentioning yesterday, this summer's adventures have taken a little bit of a back burner to the baby. (I will expand on that here, since this *is* the baby blog...) We always planned on being the kind to really get out and about with the little one. But I have to admit, the whole having a new born thing was a *little* bit harder than we expected, my body took a *little* longer than I would have hoped to recover, and our bank account was a *little* too drained by the maternity leave.... Not to mention the dreaded car seat. And so, we have spent a lot of time at home. Which is fine. The little guy really shines when we are at home. When we are out and about he is hard to engage, he is so distracted. And so I am just trying to stay present and know that he will only be this little for so long. Besides, in my mind, we still were going to have some adventures this summer. I just have yet to plan them.

Hello, summer will be over before we know it.

And a comment from Shayna motivated me to finally do something about it.

And so we are testing the waters, a quick one night camping trip on Sunday with friends, only an hour away.

I am so excited.

I think it will be pretty easy with Henry. We already sleep share, so he will just share out air mattress. Besides keeping him fed (easy), and well shaded, and warm at night, he doesn't need much else.

But if you have any good tips for camping with baby, I would love to hear them!


  1. A twitter friend posted about this recently:

    Good luck! It will be fun! You aren't at the stage where baby puts EVERYthing in his mouth, so, appreciate that, ha. Dax and I go camping in a couple weeks for the first time!

  2. I am so glad you're going for it! I love that "vintage" ADF post; you two look so serene. Ahh, you've inspired ME to go camping (me, as in, NOT a camper). Arkansas has some beautiful (and super-cheap) campsites. Thanks for the push. Good luck with camping with H; something tells me he will take after his mama and daddy and Camp Like A Champ. xo.

  3. I feel for you. My youngest hated the car seat. Screamed like crazy every time we put her in it. And I had to take my oldest to preschool still. It was exhausting.

    Your attitude seems to good though - you are right, they grow out of it before you know it. She is now a mostly happy one year old.

    good luck camping!

  4. We're thinking of camping soon too since this is the first summer we haven't been camping yet. Looking forward to hearing how your trip goes and any tips you have after!

  5. We just took our 4.5 month old on his first camping trip (two nights!) about a month ago. He did great! He sleeps with us at home as well, so we did the air mattress thing and it all went swimmingly. He hates the carseat too, but I recently bought rockabye baby Kanye West and it has made all of our lives much much better. The glockenspiel works some crazy voodoo magic and makes him happy most of the time. Good luck and have a great time!

  6. Our baby Mabel is 11 weeks old and we have taken her on 2 camping trips. The first at 3 weeks, and the second at 9. Sounds crazy now that I think of how young she was... We have a campervan so not 'technically' camping in a tent, but I do have one bit of advice that we learned the first time.

    Mosquitoes. Those horrible blood sucking creatures were all over us the first time we went out, and since we couldn't put any repellant on her, or us for fear that she might get it on her, we ended up just closing up the van, in the stinking heat and going to bed.

    at the advice of our pediatrician, the next time we bought one of those Off Clip On Repellent things and wore it on ourselves when carrying her, and clipped it about 1 foot away from her when she was in her car seat. there is no odor (which surprised me) and none of us got any bites. :)

    can't wait to hear about your trip.

  7. how did it go??
    long time since I go camping... I want pics!! maybe I get in the mood! XOX Nikki

  8. Awesome, I am excited for you!
    In my head I kinda am telling myself we'll go stay/camp in Marfa this winter.
    We shall see.
    Can't wait to hear all about it.