Friday, July 29, 2011

Look, Baby Gap, all I'm saying is your Boy Sweaters selection is WAY more awesome than your Girls Sweaters selection. What gives?

(Although, this one's pretty cute.)


  1. Well, it's only Baby Gap. Everywhere else in the whole entire world does more and better girl clothes and it's driving me nuuuuuuuuts.

  2. yeah, i dont want to hear it. i would dress a daughter in anyone of those sweaters. but i dont feel inclined to do the inverse (dress H in the swing sweater.) but we all know that i do dress him in girl leggings....

  3. ok, so will it make me a total jerk if i say that i truly do believe that baby boy clothes are cuter? baby girl clothes have gone overboard with the ruffles, no?

  4. Ha! LP has the motorcycle sweater. It even has badass leather elbow patches and everything.

    And, now that I shop for both, I almost tend to agree with Celia. There's 10 times the selection for girls, but frankly I don't like 90% of it.

    But I'm getting better at finding the greatest sources (my new obsession is very chic, very Brit, quite goth kids clothes from All Saints Spitalfields).