Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Of course my mind has been filled with what life will be like soon. Impossible to know. but I can't help but look forward to all the new things we will be doing, big and little. And all the same things, but with him there.

A list of things I am looking forward to:

1. Letting him be a naked baby
2. Reading with him
3. Spying on his papa reading with him
4. Singing him the wheels on the bus
5. Singing him
After Hours
6. Taking a billion pictures
7. Going to the beach
8. Playing in a kiddie pool in our yard
9. Introducing him to the rest of his family. (Grandparents!)
10. Going camping
11. Riding our bikes
12. Having dinner with friends
13. Sleeping together
14. Listening to records
15. Walking around the neighborhood
16. Putting him in all these cute outfits we have been collecting
17. Spying on him & his papa napping together
18. Enjoying lazy mornings in bed with a few books & toys
19. Breastfeeding
20. Taking swim lessons
21. Spying on him and his papa doing ANYTHING together
22. Watching him sleep
23. Feeding him foods he can pick up and munch on his own
24. Carrying him around in a sling
25. Going to the park
26. Making things for him
27. Sitting in the grass
28. Finding out how he will get on with the cat (!)
29. Smelling him
30. Making home videos
31. Listening to Ben sing to him

32. Laying him on that super cozy wool blanket I just ordered
33. Hanging out in his room
34. Going to the desert and swimming in pools
35. Teaching Ben how to change his diapers


  1. Yes to all of these things. Especially the spying. Sneaky and cute.

  2. Naked babies! They are the best.

  3. oh wow! you've just given me some sweet reminders of what it was like pregnant with my first.
    you are going to have a blast!!

  4. That's a wonderful list. And, as much as you think you'll enjoy that stuff now, once they're born it's even better than you could possibly imagine.

  5. yeah babies smell really good! Best of luck!