Monday, February 21, 2011

Like I mentioned in my last post, I had one of my baby showers on saturday and I walked away with some serious loot. You never know with that kind of thing, but I have to give my friends and family a big pat on the back for their superb taste. I'll make sure to do a "best of" post after my Oakland shower because there are some cool products I'd like to share with you, but I wanted to give my sweet friend Krista some props for finding that awesome teether/rattle (bottom pic) for the baby. As soon as I got home, I looked up littlealouette and found that they carry all sorts of eco friendly handmade heirloom toys. I didn't register for, nor have I bought many toys because a) I really don't think babies need a ton of toys, and b) all of that mass-produced junk really freaks me out. Not to sound like a snob, and I'm sure once this baby gets into Dora the Explorer or Bob the Builder this will all change, but I'd like to keep our toy collection natural or organic for the time being. So, I think next on the list will be that Safari Block Set. Soooo cute!


  1. j: look at this rattle teething toy!

    b: that is rad.

    j: should we just... buy it?

    b: yeah


  2. (and we are not buying all willy nilly, as you may know)

  3. i almost got you that safari set too! i was so so close.

  4. Oh they are so lovely! I want some.

  5. Safari set is cute! These guys over at etsy also have some cool wooden teethers

  6. I totally agree on the babies + toys and mass-produced plastic stuff. DJ and I were actually just talking about how we want to limit that as much as possible, when the time comes. This looks just like the kind of stuff I *would* want to buy, though.