Tuesday, February 8, 2011

In email the other day Celia said something about our babies being summer babies. And the thought made me so happy. Summer babies. Babies in diapers and nothing else, enjoying the summer. One of my favorite things. I guess all babies get to be summer babies at some point. But still. I am kind of jealous of Ben, who, in our complicated division of maternity/paternity leave scheduling will probably be home with the baby most of September. (The best month in San Diego.) I imagine them at the beach everyday.

BB in diapers RummeyBears


  1. Hee. I can't wait to get my own baby's chunky legs back out again. Yum.

  2. in september they'll be 5 months old in nothing but diapers. just the thought is so cute, i could cry.

  3. holy crap that photo is like 1 million baby unicorns showering down on me with happiness. or something similar. summer babes! oh, so sweet.

    ps. I just noticed your "dream team" photos on the sidebar. Rad.